Heat Resistant Adhesive

Each Film is fitted with a heat resistant adhesive that holds up in the most extreme environments.  Our films bost twice the heat soak times of competitors!

Unmatched Performance Formula

The patented design of our film consistently out performs competitor filmst in tests.  Termal Protection Inc is the industry leader in producing high quality heat films.  

Time Tested in every Industry

TPI Films have been integrated into inustries including racing, performance motor-sports, arospace and more since 2000 and have consistently performed above expectations

Need Some Thermal Film?

About the Gold Film Store

A Small Town Success Story

The Gold Film Store started when TPI needed a local Information Technology consultant and called on CT Bend for help.  Our owner was facinated with the films and wondered if there was an option to sell online.  TPI’s owner agreed to allow us to sell his product online and it was off to the races!  

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People ARE Taking Notice

It’s been 21 years. Our product has proven itself!

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